Histories, Vol.2

"N ot for nothing the 1996 winner of the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour, Boulton laces her 50-story sequel to Just A Minute with energy and. Her selection of characters who are outsized and often bizarre reminds us that, when it comes to eccentrics, Canadians stand with the best of them."
                             - The Globe and Mail

"Before you have passed the half-way point in Just Another Minute: More Glimpses of Our Great Canadian Heritage you find yourself hoping that a third book will follow...Our quiet Canadian manner has almost made it a way of life to avoid our own wonderfully rich history of personalities. Boulton is a leader in turning that foolishness around...if the whole country read Just Another Minute, we'd all put a little spring in our walk and an open smile on our face whenever  we heard the word Canada. Boulton has the talent to step off the page, sit down beside you and tell you a story. How many people know that a Guelph man invented the game of "five-pin"bowling and because he forgot to patent his invention, he never collected a penny for it..
                                                       - The Wellington Advertiser

"Boulton is adept at finding history's quirky people and reanimating them in two to four pages. And the use of catchy titles grabs the reader's attention. For example, "The  Wonder Mush Revolution" which is about the invention of pabulum."
                                                       - The Kitchener/Waterloo Record


From the Back Cover:

In Just Another Minute, bestselling author and 1996 winner of the Stephen Leacock Award for Humor, Marsha Boulton presents another volume of hugely readable,  historically correct and wildly entertaining anecdotal glimpses into Canada's past.

Did you know that:
 - A Canadian nurse named Florence Nightingale Graham transformed herself into cosmetics queen Elizabeth Arden?
- Canadian soldiers donated five bears to the London Zoo during the First World War, one of which became Winnie the Pooh?
- Quebec's Mikall Sinnott became Hollywood director Max Sennett, creator of the  Keystone Cops, and the artiste who brought pie tossing to the silver screen?

From the first gold rush in the New World to Olympian George Seymour Lyon's gold medal in golf and Adelaide Hoodless's crusade for clean milk, Just Another Minute gives us another round of fascinating history guaranteeed to surprise and inform Canadian history buffs of all ages.

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