"Like a tray of delicious appetizers, these brief snappy sketches  introduce dozens of famous and not so famous Canadians of consequence from coast to coast. This book of short tributes to invention, discovery, heroism and creativity will amaze (with what one didn't know) and could start many discussions (re research project) ... a treasure trove and a delight." - Toronto Star

"The best bathroom book I have ever read." - Alan Fotheringham

Marsha Boulton, Just A Minute Omnibus, Canadian history, Canadian historical anecdotes, Canadian historical vinettes, Canadian stories

"A wonderfully entertaining collection" - Book of the Month Club

"One of the most entertaining historical works on the shelf."
                                                               - Kitchener-Waterloo Record

"The people and the subjects cover a vast range, but they are sensibly grouped in sections dealing with immigration and inspiration; heroes, heroines and the odd  scoundrel; origins, originals and upstarts; women's history; sports, adventure and discovery; innovation, invention and science; art and artists; transportation and communication."

        - Canadian Children's Literature (CCL), No. 104, Vol. 274

"Boulton displays consideraable inqenuity in dredging up individuals such as Louis Slotin of Winnipeg, who died of  radiation exposure during A-bomb assembly in Los Alamos in 1946. Other curiosities include the invention of Pablum that revolutionized baby nutrition and Toronto's Great Stork Derby of 1925-36 that proved pregnant in consequence of governmental regulation of birth control information once the Great Depression hit.

        - Canadian Children's Literature (CCL), No. 104, Vol. 274

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