Wally's Balls


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If you live with a Bull Terrier, you know all about how much they love balls. They love to chase them, chomp them and destroy them. In the process, some balls can fall apart and cause big problems.

Wally with ballAfter years of research and testing, I finally found a ball that would withstand destruction and was light enough and playful enough to satisfy Wally the Wonder Dog. In two years of strenuous Wally-testing, he has not taken one chip out of these balls. They bounce, they roll, they can be tossed long distances and they yield to the pressure of chomping. These balls have been tested by ball-loving standard Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers from across North America and they have stood the "Test of Jaws." Accept no substitutes.

Marsha Boulton and Wally the Wonder Dog


"These are definitely balls to hang on to. They're durable: they stand up to hard wear"

Shari Mann, San Francisco, California

"These fine balls
don't chip or crack
and we're never gonna
give them back"

From Maddy and Maizey, Shari Mann's dynamic duo in San Francisco, California

 Tyson and Miesha love the balls! Neither one of them had managed to destroy them. Miesha tries to chew them apart with no success!

Helen Robichaud. Ontario, Canada

Wally Ballys are great they're fun like tennis balls but they don't hurt us or get Mama upset!

"Kelvin" , Chris Reynold's beautiful beluga bull terrier, Covina, California)

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