Letters, Vol. 4
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"Read The Birds Eye Garden"

"Taliban Mink",
"Osama Bin Cluckin Meets His Match",
" The Garbage Gestapo"and "The Myotonic Goatherd"

Letters from the Country IV cover
Letters from the Country backcover


Table of Contents

Foreword & Acknowledgments

Read "Taliban Mink"

Chinese Edition!

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"A cross between American humorist Garrison Keillor's semi-fictional small town musings and Peter Mayle's fanciful A Year in Provence."
                                 - Ottawa Citizen

"If nothing else, you'll know why sheep sometimes have crayon marks on their backsides...a sweet collection, sprinkled with insights about the realities of moving to the country."
                                 - The Hamilton Spectator

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"One of those rare books that will appeal to almost every reader."
                                 - The London Free Press

"Boulton's musings are as soft as lamb's fleece."
                               - The Globe and Mail.

"Marsha Boulton, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor for the first book in this series, is back with another winsome and witty collection of essays about life on the farm.

This new collection  includes tales of hilarious goings-on in the septic field, the sage of a new old-style cedar fence, adventures with a Taliban mink; and the rigors of trying to stack a cord of  wood both correctly and where it won't be completely covered in snow when you need it most. Of course, Wally the Wonder Dog is back, with a new rooster to tease.

Boulton's many fans will be completely enthralled by this long-awaited collections. Letters from the Country IV is destined to covert many an urban dweller to the delights and joys of rural life

McArthur & Company, ISBN 1-55278-265-4, $14.95

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