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To succeed Wally’s Weeks need sponsors, big and small. No donation is too small, or, given our ambitions for the project, too large. To date, ”Wally’s Weeks” have received support from PetValu, a retail chain of pet supply stores (there are approximately 350 PetValu stores in Ontario, Manitoba, and five Eastern States.) We are also privileged to have the support of Old Mother Hubbard and their dynamic Wellness brand, based in Maryland and Massachusetts where they manufacturer some of the finest pet food and treats in North America. Also, in Canada, Indigo/Chapters/Smithbooks/Coles national chain of book stores. On a regional level, “Wally’sWeek” has been supported by Comfort Inns (a North-America-wide chain of hotels and motels that is universally pet-friendly) and Delta Inns

Instead of just showing up and signing books or giving a reading or conducting workshops at bookstores and libraries in communities where “Wally’s Weeks” are held, Marsha also encourages the bookstores and libraries to become actively involved. Big and small, during the test runs, booksellers and librarians have welcomed and supported the author’s initiative. Marsha truly enjoys participating in readings and writing workshops in the communities where “Wally’s Weeks” are running.

“Wally’s Weeks” need corporate sponsors. Some specific areas are sponsors involved in pet insurance, pharmaceutical companies with a heavy pet heath orientation, telecommunications providers, TV channels like the “Animal Planet,” pet magazines, printers and publishers to assist with the posters and handouts, a car company to supply a high-profile SUV featuring “Get a Life. Give a Dog a Home” tag line. Almost all companies want to be perceived as good corporate citizen at the grassroots, community level where “Wally’s Weeks” live.

Wally’s World is published in New York by St. Martin’s Press. We are looking to ramp up our sponsorship and fund-raising initiatives in 2009 so we can take full advantage of our recent partnership with the ASPCA. In 2009, the ASPCA “Mission Orange” had targeted a number of communities including Philadelphia, PA, Tampa Bay, FL., Biloxi, MS and New York City. If you want to discuss sponsorship possibilities for your company please contact Marsha directly at If you want to donate to “Wally’s Weeks” just click on the PayPal “Donation” button or send a check or money order to the address below.


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