Title: Fall Pet Adoption Expo

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008

Place: Florida State Fairgrounds, North Tampa, Florida

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Estimate Turnout: 3,000 to 5,000

Adoption estimate: approximately 400 adoptable pets will be available

Participants: Humane Society of Tampa Bay, "No More Homeless Pets" - a coalition of 30 animal rescue groups, Hillsborough County Animal Services, the ASPCA of Tampa and the National ASPCA through their "Mission Orange" program - supporting humane communities.


Wally's Week supplied 200 canvas adoption goodie bags that were given out to the first 200 dog adopters. The bags were presented at the time of adoption, in conjunction with the ringing of the adoption bell signifying another loving home found for an animal in need.

Marsha Boulton was at the ASPCA (National) Booth near the exit to the Special Event Building where the EXPO was held. She personally handed out the "Wally's Week" adoption bags and signed copies of her book for new adopters.

Press Release: Nov. 13, 2008: Canadian Author Goes to the Dogs in Tampa

A letter from one of one of the Pet EXPO adopters:

"Dear Marsha Boulton,

I just finished - I mean within the half-hour - your wonderful book, "Wally's World." I was given a signed copy of it upon adopting a little chow-shepherd puppy named CJ at the Tampa Fairgrounds last Sunday. I had no idea who you were then, I am so sorry to admit, nor did I expect to be so smitten with your writing. Initially, I thought someone had just put some puppy care manual in the bag. Once I started reading, I kept wondering why I had never read your work before. You are a marvellous storyteller and I cannot wait to read more, and also to read your Stephen's 'controversial' books.

My husband, 2 children and I possess two of Italy's banned breeds, a Corgi and a Collie. We bought the Corgi from a breeder because we thought it would ensure the traits we wanted with our then-toddler kids (not needy, e-z care) We found the movie-star-gorgeous Collie in the woods of Georgia: matted, collarless, tick-and-heartworm infested and grateful to this day to us. And us to him.

I fell in love with your book's canines and your horse too, but feel a bit resentful toward goats. I have only previously owned cats and a beloved horse (19 years) so had no idea how wrapped up my heart would become with our dogs. Your book nailed the feelings I have come to have.

Because the Clover the corgi's getting to be 10, and we of course have no idea how old the Jasper the Collie is, I wanted to adopt a dog/pup to ease that inevitable end-transition. And I wanted to adopt from a shelter. Hence how I came upon your delightful book. I hope others were more clued in than we were! I am so so sorry we didn't know beforehand about you being a special guest there at the Adoptathon or I would have made it a point to meet you.

Next pup, I will!

Thank you so much. I will treasure your book and our terrific little puppy, CJ. What a blessing dogs are.

Many blessings,

Lee Burgess"