Wally's Week
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Wally's Week - What’s it all about? It’s about ”Saving a life and giving a dog a home”

The goal of “Wally’s Weeks” is to support SPCAs, Humane Societies, animal shelters and dog rescue organizations and help them place dogs in need in good homes while raising awareness in the community about the essential services such facilities provide.

The person behind “Wallys’ Weeks” is Marsha Boulton. Marsha is the author of 10 best-selling books and a recipient of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor, the Canadian equivalent of the Mark Twain award for humor in literature in the United States. Marsha’s latest book is "Wally's World: Life with Wally the Wonder Dog."

”Wally’s World” has been published in a number of countries around the world including the Unitd States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and the Czech Republic.. It is a memoir about Marsha’s life with dogs, particularly her Bull Terrier, Wally - who most resembled a bicycle seat with eyes.

Wally’s Week” is a portable, self-contained seven-day promotion. During any given 7-dWally's Week bag and some contentsay period, anyone who adopts a dog from participating facilities will receive a complimentary adoption “goody bag.” containing a free copy of  “Wally's World” and a host of useful items supplied by sponsors including biodegradable pop and scoop bags, eco-friendly shampoo, house-breaking training pads, a chew toy, dog biscuit samples (Wally's favorites were Old Mother Hubbard Couch Potato Lite) etc. The adoption goody bag is intended to help the adopter and adoptee make a smooth transition to their new life together.

Marsha came up with the idea for “Wally’s Weeks” after she was invited to be a “celebrity” guest at a dog show. She looked at Wally, and then at all the show dogs - so pampered and well-tended - and then thought about the other end of the spectrum - dogs that do not have loving homes, dogs with special challenges, dogs who need a second chance. Thus the idea for “Wally’s’ Week” was born to promote responsible dog adoption, and the SPCAs, Humane Societies and dog rescure organizations that save their lives. ”Wally’s Weeks” are not-for-profit and registered as such in Canada and the United States.

As much as possible, Marsha tries to combine "Wally's Weeks" with book readings or writMarsha with adopter's bags on the steps of the Huntsville Animal Shelter with the Exex. Director and her daughtering workshops in local communities, which provide additional platforms and channels to promote responsible dog ownership and adoption. She also partners with bookstores to do book signings at which she discusses "Wally’s Weeks" and displays pictures of dogs that are available from the community’s shelters. “Wally’s Week” supplies posters publicizing the event for local merchanges to display. She also encourage local media to provide PSAs for which Marsha supplies the copy writing. A website (www.wallysweeks.com) is under development and there will be a blog documenting Marsha’s travels and adventures with “Wally’s Weeks” throughout North America.

To support "Wally's Week" in various regions Marsha and her team contact local media about the promotion and Monk, Wally’s heir and Marsha make themselves available for interviews. Both are experienced talk show guests and Monk is just as much a ham as his predecessor was.

Participating facilities are provided with eye-catching posters and handouts. They are encouraged to promote “Wally's Week” on their web sites. Whenever possible Marsha delivers the adoption bags personally and meets some of the shelter’s residents, volunteers and shelter workers. These visits make ideal photo ops.

There is no cost involved to participating facilities - Marsha and her sponsors provide the participants with the books, adoption bags, posters and handouts. All the participating shelters do is give a bag to each new adopter over the week defined as Wally’s - plain and simple.