Wally's Week Testimonials

From: Linda Rowe - Huntsville Animal Shelter

To: Marsha Boulton

Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 7:01 AM

Subject: Hello from Huntsville

“Hi Marsha

“Just wanted to give you an update for Wally's Week. We adopted out 5 dogs that week - we usually are lucky if we adopt out 5 dogs in a month.We are so glad you were able to do this; got lots of publicity - it was great. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Huntsville Animal Shelter thank you thank you thank you.”

        - Linda Rowe, Executive Director, Huntsville Animal Shelter

Niagara Falls Humane Society

“Eleven dogs were adopted during and around Wally's Week. Statistics show that 12 dogs were adopted in May 2006. Giving the bags definitely helped us stand out to the adopter & it's nice to be able to make their experience more than they expected. “

        - Sue MacInnes, Community Relations

Welland Humane Society

“"There were 8 dogs adopted during that week, 4 of them puppies. Buttercup was adopted out during Wally=s week, and the person had seen the article in the paper. You have our heartfelt thanks.”

        - Shirley Cohen, Events Manager

Owen Sound Animal Shelter

“The added attention to our facility was appreciated. Of the thirteen dogs that were here when the promotion started, all but one has been adopted and she has a potential home lined up. "Wally's Week" has helped us advertise the need for shelter adoptions. When the opportunity to save a life is given we cannot offer enough

        - Rene Robbins, ACO, Owen Sound Animal Shelter

Orillia SPCA

“Typically we are a lot slower over the summer months due to holidays, vacationing etc. but we adopted 8 dogs during this week and also had a lady who wanted to make a donation for one of your bags (actually for the book!). I would be thrilled to do this every year.”

        - Carol Beard, Branch Manager